Video Inspection: A Revolution In Plumbing You Should Know About

Previously when there used to be clogging or blockage in the drains or sewer pipes, you used to call a professional plumber to diagnose the issue. A few years back, we did not have this technology of video inspection in plumbing, and so plumbers had to dig the whole site, dig out the pipeline to find the exact spot of damage or blockage. In fact, it took hours for a plumber to find the exact location of the problem but no more. Such an act also caused damage to the floors and the entire system. Homeowners had to pay heavy charges for sewer line repair to the plumbers. The video pipe inspection, an advanced piece of technology, eliminates the need for doing such things. It has a created a revolution in the entire plumbing industry. With the advent of the video pipe inspection, one need not dig the entire site to find the blockage or to detect the issue in the pipe. So, now there is no need to dig the entire site to locate the source of the problem.

How video inspection assists plumbers of today's times?

All across the globe, plumbing companies offer video inspection services. When you opt for video inspection services, a plumber will come to your site with a nail-sized camera to be inserted into the pipe system. A plumber will offer you quality services with the video inspection. In both exterior drain line and the interior, video pipe inspection may be used. A plumber can also use it for the sewer lines. The best part is that the camera is small and may easily fit into the pipe system. The moment the camera is fit into the pipe system, the inner-working of the system may be seen. The plumbing company will get to know about the issue in the pipeline and others. The in-pipe video camera system may help the plumber in the following manner:

The in-pipe video camera system may help the plumber in the following manner


If the plumber is trying to find out where lays the clog or blockage, the video camera technology may be used.


There is no need for the homeowner to waste money on various products in an attempt to resolve the issue. With the camera, the problem will be quickly diagnosed.

Get Old

Pipes can naturally wear and tear when they get old. Pipes may get corroded, worn out and deteriorated.

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Trace The Severity

  • Whether the pipe is broken or fractured totally, the plumber can come to know about it. Through video camera technology, it is possible to find the crack in the pipe and finding how severe it is. A good set of plumbing companies first try to trace the severity of the problem and then they provide the price quote.
  • If the problem is severe, the plumbing professional will have to replace the entire piping system. It is only the video camera mechanism which allows a plumber to find the best solution to the problem.
  • What happens underground cannot be controlled. But, trees in your landscape area or above the ground may be cut, pruned to control the growth. If the tree root grows large and gets out of control, you need to do something about it. The video camera may help find where lays the roots in the pipe system.

How Does Video Inspection Of Sewer And Plumbing Works?

Sewer pipes can get clogged with unwanted things, and that may lead to bad odor. It may also become the breeding ground for insects. Any leakage of sewage may create a lot of nuisance. Closed Circuit Television is used in the realm of plumbing to detect the sewer line blockage. This technology is highly advanced and helps to get a clear picture of the inside of drains and pipes. Thus, it gets easier to identify the exact location of the problem. You may detect minor cracks or leakages in the sewage pipes. If the sewer pipes run through unreachable areas and longer distances, it is best to use surveillance system. The plumber sees any build up of dirt and debris. Hence, he can adopt the right technique and approach to get over with it. People may also monitor leakages in the sewer lines. Surveying sewer lines and pipelines in this manner can save time. If the plumber can gain the first-hand knowledge of the issue, he may use suitable ways to rectifying it.

There Are Various Benefits Of Video Camera Inspection Services

As already stated, the video camera is an innovative piece of technology; it can offer you a series of benefits. With the video camera, there is no need to dig the entire site to locate the cause of the problem. The video camera allows one to figure out the location of the problem. The technology is mind blowing and offers a series of benefits:

  • With the video camera technology, it gets easier to locate the problem area or the damaged area. The moment you detect pipe leakage in the home, you may get to know the exact location. As soon as the plumber gets to know the problem area, he gets down to serious work. There is no need to dig the entire site just to repair damage to the pipe. This will help in avoiding unnecessary digging of the floors. Hence, it would cause the least disruption to space while also reduce overall expenses. If you need sewer line pipe repair, it may be taken.
  • Video inspection technology allows one to locate the blockage spot exactly. Clogging of sewer line is pretty much common in the homes where there are children. Kids may throw certain things into your sewer lines either intentionally or accidentally. This causes a blockage in the pipe. When there is a blockage in the sewer lines, you need to take up video inspection services. The video inspection will not only save your time as the problem gets detected promptly but also it saves resources.
  • Video camera inspection can also help to avoid major problems that may take place in the future. It is seen that whenever there is any problem in the sewer line, people use home remedies to clear the blockage but this does not work all the time. The remedies used by the residents can only give a temporary solution but not the permanent one. Now there is no need to rely on any guesswork as you may take up video inspection services to get rid of plumbing issue. Video inspection of the pipes is highly recommended. It must be taken from time to time. With the video inspection, it is possible to find the exact reason for the blockage. It saves time, resources and you need not adopt multiple methods. There is no need to rely on the guesswork when you take up video camera inspection services. It may also help to prevent major situations.
  • Both time and money are extremely valuable in the current times. Taking up video camera inspection can help maintain the drains and sewer pipes. It can also help to save your valuable time and money.